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4.1.3 Automatic Track Conversion

Cht: Tracks <to> [<from>] [?]

This will change all the tracks that are currently the from type (or all if from is not given) to the new type set by to. The types are 0=Railroad, 1=Monorail (or Electrified if enabled), 2=Maglev.

So, for example Cht: Tracks 2 1 will change all your monorail tracks to maglevs, or Cht: Tracks 1 would convert everything to monorail.

Also, all the trains of that type will be fitted with a new undercarriage and a new drive system, otherwise they would get stuck because they are on the wrong track. However, if you're using electrified railways (see Electrified Railways), Cht: Tracks 1 0 will convert all regular track to electric, but it will not convert steam or diesel engines.

If the "CheatsCost" switch is enabled, this cheat will calculate the cost for all replacements, and deduct it from your bank account. Use the question mark to inquire about the cost without actually activating the cheat.