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4.1.13 Ghost station removal

Cht: ClearGhosts 

Previous versions of TTDPatch (before 1.8) had a bug that sometimes caused the creation of "ghost" train stations. These are either station buildings on the map without an associated station sign, or station signs where the train station did not exist.

This cheat will correct both problems. The first case will be converted to plain tracks, so that these can then be removed. (They can't be removed automatically in case there are trains on these tiles.) The second case will lose the train facility, and turn into a gray sign that eventually disappears, if the train terminal was the only facility.

Note: Always save your game before using this cheat, because it might remove stations that look alright, but are in fact ghost stations. If you find a station gets removed that you want to keep, place an additional facility right next to it (e. g. a bus station), and re-build the station after using this cheat.