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4.1.5 Road/railroad crossing owner bugfix

Cht: OwnCrossing 

There's a bug in TTD that causes road/railroad crossing to be taken over by the local authorities when you import a savegame to the scenario editor, and then load it back as a savegame, and possibly in other circumstances too.

If this bug occurs, you'll be able to remove the road instead of the tracks. The tracks will belong to the city and can't be removed. The road will belong to the city as well.

Using this cheat, all these crossings will be given back to you, so that you can remove the tracks, but not the road (unless that really was yours, which shouldn't have triggered the bug).

If you've already removed the road, you have to put it back there for this to work. This cheat only affects crossings, nothing else.

The tracks will always be owned by the first human player, because ownership information is lost completely and the correct owner can't be determined. A future version of the patch will fix this by tracing back the railroad track to determine whose tracks they really are.