Computer Game Music

I have been extracting the music from so many games now that I finally thought others should benefit from this as well, so here they are. Note that these are generally not the versions as they are stored in the game itself, as that tends to be a proprietary format unique to the game, which is why they sometimes sound a bit different from the in-game music (I didn't say worse!). So far I have found three major file types (and their variations) that I know how to deal with:
Filename Size Description/Game and Company name
List.txt 12 KB file list for all the files in the various zip files 40 KB holds the files for a few games for which I either don't have all the music files or they don't have more than one piece 4 KB Battle Isle II by Blue Byte. This is quite broken at the moment and only contains one song 91 KB Descent by Interplay 305 KB Day of the Tentacle by Lucasarts 600 KB Dark Forces by Lucasarts. Some people claim that these aren't GM compatible, but I haven't been able to resolve that yet. 469 KB All songs from Daggerfall by Bethesda Softworks 186 KB Duke Nukem 3D by Apogee/3D Realms 54 KB Legend of Kyrandia II - The Hand of Fate by Westwood Studios 60 KB Legend of Kyrandia I by Westwood Studios 208 KB A few Sierra games 60 KB The Settlers II by Blue Byte 155 KB Tie Fighter by Lucasarts 129 KB Wing Commander by Origin

Disk space considerations (aka "quota exceeded") have led me to the decision not to include the music to the Ultima series in this site. However, there is an excellent site if you are interested, namely Telavar Dragon's Mysterious Sosaria where you will find the music for each and every one of the Ultima games, including the Ultima Underworlds and the Worlds of Ultima.
There is only one problem with these files, and that is that they are optimized for the AWE32/64. The files I actually use are slightly modified in that I removed the bank change code to make them work with my sound card. If you are interested in getting those modified versions, please feel free to ask.

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