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3.45 Bridge Speed Limits

bridgespeedlimits, -XX

One annoying thing about bridges in TTD is the speed limit they impose on maglev trains. In the standard TTD set of vehicles, the fastest maglev engine can go at 400 mph, but the best bridge (the tubular steel bridge) has a speed limit of 200 mph, whether it carries road or maglev track. And if you need to build a bridge 3 tiles long, you can't use the tubular one, you can only use a steel girder bridge with its speed limit of 160 mph.

With this switch, you can raise the speed limits of these two bridge types, if they carry monorail or maglev track. The new speed limit will be a percentage of the top speed of the fastest engine for the appropriate railway class (monorail or maglev). If the unifiedmaglev switch (see Unified Maglev) is enabled, monorail and maglev engines are treated as a common railway class, so monorail and maglev bridges get the same speed limits.

By default, the percentage value is 90%, but you can specify it as an additional parameter, in the range 25% to 250%.

For example, if the percentage is 98%, and the fastest monorail vehicle (the Millennium Z1) has a top speed of 210 mph, the speed limit on monorail tubular bridges would be set to 98% of 210 mph, or 205.6 mph. However, the limit has to be a multiple of 10 mph, so it is rounded up to 210 mph. For the steel girder bridges, the limit is always 90% of the limit for tubular bridges, also rounded to a multiple 10 mph; in this case it would be 190 mph.

However, if the resulting speed limit would be slower than that of the bridge without this switch, the speed limit is not changed. This means that this switch is mostly useful for the maglev track system, unless you use the unifiedmaglev switch, or use an alternative train set with faster monorail engines (see New Graphics).

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.