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3.55 More Build Options

morebuildoptions, -YB

Are you annoyed that you can only have one industry of each type per city? Or that you cannot place an oil rig in the middle of a large bay you crafted in the scenario editor? Then this option is for you.

It is a bit switch. To find out how that works, see Bit Switches, or simply add up the values of the options you want:

Bit Value Meaning
0 1 Crossing tunnels
1 2 Oil rigs may be built everywhere, not only near edges of map. Outside the scenario editor, refineries may also appear or be funded everywhere.
2 4 Allow multiple industries of the same type in one town
3 8 Removal of statues, lighthouses and transmitters with Ctrl
4 16 Removal of industries
5 32 Allow identical industries to be built very close to each other

The default value is 15, meaning bits 0 through 3 are enabled by default.

With the "crossing tunnels" switch, you can build tunnels that cross, but the tunnels are independent, so that trains can pass by without collisions.

Note that with bit 2 set, you can build more than one industry per town, but cargo delivered to a station always goes to the nearest industry, so it's not a good idea to build industries of the same type too close together. Bit 2 is required for bit 5 to work.

Normally you can't remove company statues, lighthouses and transmitters. When you enable bit 3, you can hold down Ctrl while using the dynamite tool to remove them. You can even build things over them, but keep in mind that the Ctrl key may affect other building actions, too. The removal of these objects doesn't affect the local authority ratings in the town. You don't benefit from the removal and rebuilding of statues.

If you remove all statues of a company in a town, the bonus for that company's station ratings disappears.

The extradynamite switch makes it possible to remove company statues without the Ctrl key, but not to build over them.

With bit 4 set, you can remove industries like normal objects, again with holding down the Ctrl key. Removing industries is very costly.

This patch was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.