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3.58 More Hotkeys

morehotkeys, -YH

Normally, hotkeys only work for the four railway track types, and the two orientations of roads. With this option, everything in the railway and road construction menu can be activated by hotkeys.

In addition, you get hotkeys for all display options, such as transparent building and station and town signs.

For the construction menu, keys 1 to 4 choose the track or road orientation as usual. The keys from 5 to the end of the top row of keys activate the other tools, and the key to the left of 1 (usually ` or ~) toggles the bulldozer on or off.

For the display options, t toggles transparency, and Shift-1 (!) to Shift-5 (usually %) to toggle the other display options.

Note that you can modify the hotkey list using the `ttdpttxt' mechanism, for more information see Custom in-game texts.

Note that the DOS versions of TTD have hardcoded keyboard mappings (which can be a little strange sometimes), while Windows versions follow the Windows keyboard layout. This may make it difficult to determine the key code to use for a certain key. To help with that, you can use the `ttdpttxt' mechanism to turn on the display of key codes to make your own hotkey list.

Or, you can use the enhanced keyboard mapping feature (see Enhanced Keyboard Mapping) to remap all keys in the DOS versions the way you like it....

This patch was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.