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3.62 More Town Statistics

moretownstats, -Yt

When active, this switch collects and displays information about how much cargo is accepted by stations belonging to a particular town. Normally, TTD counts and displays only how many passengers and how much mail is transported away from the town; it also counts how much food and water is delivered to it, but does not display this information anywhere. With this switch, you will know how many passengers and how much mail, goods, food, water, sweets and fizzy drinks (if applicable) have been transported to the city.

Other switches that enable collection (but not display) of the additional statistics and other extended town data when turned on include towngrowthlimit, largertowns, towngrowthratemode, and bribe.

If the extended town data are enabled town populations are not limited to 65535.

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.